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31 Days of Prayer: Health and Wholeness

Health and Wholeness

On January 1st, we kicked off the “31 Days of Prayer for Children.” EGM is spending the month of January praying for boys and girls around the world in a specific way each day. On this episode of “Better Children’s Ministry,” Daniel and Kelli talk about one of our prayers – that children grow up…

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Welcome Them In Church


It was a normal Saturday night. Preparations for Sunday’s sermon were complete. I felt confident that everything was in order for the next day. None of the volunteers had texted or called to see they couldn’t show up for the next morning’s service. On Sunday morning, the routine began: a prayer before coffee, a review…

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Podcast: Volunteer Appreciation

Volunteer Appreciation

Volunteer appreciation is very valuable and very important. One of our goals through this podcast is to pour encouragement into our listeners with the hope that you can pour into those around you as well. We are especially praying for you during this hectic holiday season; we know things tend to get a little nutty!…

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Podcast: Ministry in Small Groups

Small Groups

When our goal in children’s ministry is life transformation, it becomes increasingly important to ensure every child has a discipleship relationship. One of the most practical ways we can facilitate relational ministry is in the small groups setting. On this episode of “Better Children’s Ministry,” Tara Thomas and Kelli Johnson discuss the advantages and challenges…

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Podcast: Partnering with Parents


Sometimes discipleship looks like a birthday party. As a church family, we can partner with parents by simply being present in the life of their child. On this episode of Better Children’s Ministry, David Jesse talks with Tara Thomas about what role the church plays in discipling children and some of the ways a children’s…

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Podcast: Praying with them


As we disciple children, as we model our Savior, as we try to live out the life that he would have lived, as we model Christ and help them become more like Christ, praying has to be a big part of that. In this episode of “Better Children’s Ministry,” Tara Thomas and David Jesse share…

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More Than Babysitters


Did you ever notice that Jesus never asked for volunteers? Those who followed Him were people called to join Him in ministry. Volunteering is just agreeing to do something without getting paid for it. Ministry is a matter of hearing from the LORD about His concern and responding to His call to do something about…

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Working with Who’s Already Working

My name is Andrea, and I am the Director of EGM-Chile. I participate in the development and training of children’s ministry leaders using the ministry’s biblical model of discipleship. This program reflects God’s heart. I have seen how teachers are equipped with the necessary tools to help them lead children into a transformed life in…

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