“Transforming Children in Christ through His Church”


Podcast: Praying with them

As we disciple children, as we model our Savior, as we try to live out the life that he would have lived, as we model Christ and help them become more like Christ, praying has to be a big part of that. In this episode of “Better Children’s Ministry,” Tara Thomas and David Jesse share about the honor and responsibility of leading children into the presence of the Lord.


2:00 – A children’s prayer conference in Egypt
5:20 – When prayer time gets real
6:45 – Kids have real problems just like us
8:03 – As disciplers, we must be willing to change our plans to make extra time for prayer
11:57 – The children we lead will teach us about God as we pray together
16:26 – Leading kids to the presence of the Lord
19:12 – Encouragement for the discouraged

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