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Heart Language in Children's Ministry

There are several issues which have proven to be contentious among Christians. One of them involves Pentecost, and the early church experience of speaking in tongues. Amidst the controversy regarding the work of the Holy Spirit, we can easily lose track of one of the central themes of the passage. Luke states it this way:…

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Father and Children Camp in Romania Bridges Relationships

Challenge dad! Build a footbridge with dad! These two sentences are the two ways one could understand the double meaning in the Romanian title of the father and children camp organized this summer by EGM Romania. The Romanian title is “Pun’te cu tata!” In Romania, every pastor teaches about the important responsibility that rests on a…

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Please Pray for Oleta Earles

This blog article was supposed to focus on the importance of language, culture and ministry. However, things have happened in my life that have drawn my attention elsewhere. Ten days ago, I had all my plans laid out for the summer: my ministry schedule, fishing trip, get away weekend with my wife, the regular Taco Tuesday dinner with my parents, and…

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