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More Than Babysitters


Did you ever notice that Jesus never asked for volunteers? Those who followed Him were people called to join Him in ministry. Volunteering is just agreeing to do something without getting paid for it. Ministry is a matter of hearing from the LORD about His concern and responding to His call to do something about…

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There Are Gifted Leaders Everywhere

Christian Leaders

What do a Polish Pastor, Coptic Monk and Ugandan Bishop all have in common? They are dynamic Christian leaders who have had an enormous effect on my life. God uses diverse people, in diverse contexts, to grow His Kingdom Zygmunt was a Baptist Pastor in Poland and one of the most gifted Bible expositors I…

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Travel Update: Krysten Norkaitis in Washington

Childrens Ministry Training

“The childrens ministry training was like an oasis in the middle of the desert for the churches in the State of Washington. Most especially for the Hispanic churches. It was a great idea to gather a couple of churches to participate in the training. I can’t wait to go back to my church and apply…

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All of God’s Word is for Children

God's Word

Children are like sponges. They soak up everything they hear and squeeze it all out anytime they want — especially at the most inappropriate times. It’s likely why one of the first words almost every child learns is “no.” They can pick up our worst habits, but they can also be the best disciples for God’s…

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Fruitful Summer Ministry in Eastern Europe

Summer Bible Camp

This summer, EGM-Ukraine and EGM-Belarus ministered to hundreds of children from their local communities through summer Bible camp. God was honored through their efforts to see more children transformed in Christ. Here are a few of the highlights: Three new summer camp curriculums were produced and used by local Christian leaders. EGM values culturally-relevant Bible…

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The “Real Life” Issues Children Face

Childrens Church

When I was a young childrens church worker, my view of children was simple. They were cute, quick to learn and filled with spontaneous joy. I loved being with children, playing with them, talking with them, praying for them, teaching them and watching them respond to God’s Word. I still do. Then I realized that…

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