“Transforming Children in Christ through His Church”

Who We Are, What We Do, And How We Do It


Every Generation Ministries was founded in response to God’s great love for children and for His Church. We partner with churches around the world to EMPOWER and MULTIPLY their ministry to children. EGM provides innovative children’s worker development programs and culturally relevant Bible teaching resources. Where EGM’s global outreach takes root and flourishes, we come alongside local nationals to establish national ministry that is self-governing, self-replicating, and self-funded.


Every Generation Ministries was founded in 1993 by Daniel Watts, a children’s pastor from Southern California. In the shadow of the collapsing Soviet Union, he was called by God to serve the church and children of Poland, where the need for help and hope was indescribable. EGM was created to equip and empower Polish children’s workers in Polish churches to bring the hope of Jesus Christ to Polish children. As local leaders took greater ownership of the ministry, EGM expanded into Ukraine, Belarus, Hungary, and Romania. From there, national Christian leaders have gone on to form ministry teams in 15 countries on five continents. Today, EGM is equipping and empowering churches in over 25 countries with children’s worker development and Bible teaching resources within their unique cultural and regional contexts.


"Transforming Children In Christ Through His Church."

Although the world views COVID-19 through the lens of catastrophe, a mind renewed by Christ sees an opportunity to think about ministry differently. EGM is seizing this opportunity to reshape our ministry work with a fresh approach relevant to our new global reality—and advance the Kingdom of God. EGM is providing transformational ministry to a transformed world, and we are impacting more lives for Christ than ever before.


God has called Every Generation Ministries to develop a growing number of Model Children’s Workers by establishing national ministry teams that are governed, staffed and fully funded by the local Christian community in 38 countries where over 75% of the world’s children live.

There is nothing in this world more important than a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ. Millions of children around the world have never experienced the love and care that Jesus has to offer. These are not just children in unreached people groups or countries hostile to the Gospel. This group includes many, many children who are going to church every Sunday. Over half the world’s churches offer no intentional ministry to their own children. We intend to change that!

At the foundation of EGM lie five core values taken from Scripture:

The New Testament testifies to the priority that Jesus gives to ministering to children. We share the Lord’s love for children and give them central importance in our ministry.

The teaching of Paul on baptism and the large body of New Testament teaching on the Church indicate that the Great Commission is primarily a commissioning of the local church. Therefore, the primary partner of EGM is the local church.

EGM believes that the goal of all ministry is transformation, in the development of children’s workers and in direct ministry to children. In both contexts, EGM’s goal is to help people experience the transformational love of Christ.

EGM partners with national ministries led by local Christian leaders who serve the churches in their region. We believe that local Christian leaders are best suited for effective, culturally relevant ministry to children and their families.

We are committed to excellence in how we reflect Jesus Christ in our ministry outreach and within our organization: in the stewardship of God’s Word; ministry programs and publications; finances and other material resources; and all of EGM’s human resources.