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Fishers of Men: Where are all the Children?

I have long felt that Jesus’ recruitment of fishermen as His key disciples gave special status to fishing. The fact that He urged them to be fishers of men only further reinforced the importance of fishing. I should confess that I love fishing. One of my greatest joys is laying a fly line out on a…

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A Leader is Developed, Not Born

Whenever I feel frustrated or discouraged as a leader, I turn first to my wife Marla. Several years ago, I felt unable to help a young leader grow in effectiveness, and expressed my discouragement to Marla. I said, “How could Jesus take 12 guys, most who appeared to be unqualified, and turn them into world-changing…

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Every Generation Ministries found its Polish Director in Taiwan

When Every Generation Ministries (EGM) President, Daniel Watts, stepped down as the Director of EGM-Poland in 1997, the Polish Board of Directors chose Andrzej Michnik to serve as its Polish Director. Andrzej served in that role from 1998. Andrzej stepped down as the Polish Director, and after an interim period, the Polish Board of Directors…

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