EGM Values

Why Go On Short-Term Ministry Trips?


Every Generation Ministries supports ministry to children in 14 countries. Part of that support includes sending teams from the United States overseas to connect with what’s already being done through the local church in those areas. Short-term ministry trips connect God’s people, and provide unique opportunities to serve the body of Christ. These opportunities help…

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The Wondrous Awe of Christmas


“Come!” they told me… “A newborn King to see!” “Our finest gifts we bring…” “To lay before the King!” “So, to honor Him when we come.” Children love Christmas. There’s something about the season that grabs their attention. They love the presents – both giving and receiving them; the trees; the lights; the decorations; the…

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All of God’s Word is for Children

God's Word

Children are like sponges. They soak up everything they hear and squeeze it all out anytime they want — especially at the most inappropriate times. It’s likely why one of the first words almost every child learns is “no.” They can pick up our worst habits, but they can also be the best disciples for God’s…

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Children’s Ministry is Not About Us

Childrens Ministry

I’m getting a little tired of hearing people talk of ministering to children as “a means to an end.” Today, I came across an article online with eight terrific tips for encouraging the children’s ministry workers in your church. The tips are perfect. It’s basically a set of different emails you can send to your…

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More than Cookies and Coloring Pages

Discipling Children

My closest friend from middle school just revealed something to his friends and family that I’m sure was a shock to most of us. Throughout his life – and especially during his childhood – he has struggled with gender dysphoria. He’s struggled with wanting to be a girl. When he revealed this secret to me,…

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Transformational Ministry is Relational

Relational Childrens Ministry

Susan was the lesson planner and organizer. Cobb was the fun-loving, relational businessman. Everyone thought of her as the “teacher” and “children’s worker.” Cobb was just helping out. Each Sunday they would serve side-by-side. Whenever I would check in on them, I would observe Susan presenting the Bible truth, leading an activity or helping children…

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Maybe it Really Does Take a Village

Children's Discipleship

In 1996, then First Lady Hillary Rodham-Clinton released a book entitled, It Takes A Village. This title was criticized for several reasons. Many people disagreed with the overall premise of the book, that the community is responsible for raising children collectively, not just each child’s parents. I was a part of that camp. I believed…

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Talk is Cheap: Local Ministry Needs Local Funding

Words are nice. But often they don’t really say much. I recently celebrated my 20th wedding anniversary. I spent months planning a trip that included as much of what my wife loves as I could fit into the two days we had to celebrate together. And I spent money — a lot of money —…

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Worshipping God with Pennies

The boy was young. He lived in a nation with great persecution. He was poor by anyone’s standards, but his gift inspired churches to rally together to advance the gospel. In 2016, EGM-Egypt saw the need to reach out to refugees in Jordan and Lebanon. They made plans to travel to the camps and share…

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Helping Children Respond to God’s Word

We long for children to understand what our Bible lessons mean for their real lives. Bible application is used by God to transform hearts. This is the final element of EGM’s discipleship model. The children will take all they have learned and experienced during the lesson and have the opportunity to respond to it! In order…

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