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Welcome Them


If you sit in church in the U.S., you will often hear, “Welcome to XYZ church. Turn to the person next to you and ‘welcome’ them.” In many cultures, welcoming someone means to invite them into your dwelling, offer them a meal and provide a place to stay. It is more than a simple greeting;…

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Podcast: Serving in the Nursery


There is a special honor that comes with ministering to boys and girls who aren’t quite old enough to hear and respond to a Bible lesson – at least not in ways we can see. We are talking about infants and children in the church nursery. Jesus himself spent time blessing “little children” by picking…

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Podcast: Help When We Are Afraid


It’s October, which means that a lot of kids in our churches will probably be trick-or-treating and dressing up in costumes. Around the time of Halloween and our fall celebrations, the topic of fear, or being afraid, comes up a lot. There’s a lot of cultural expression around this time of year here in the…

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Podcast: Helping Children Respond to God

Respond to God

Every Generation Ministries believes every child can experience the transformed life Jesus intends for them. That is why we help churches give children opportunities to respond to God in their real lives. The Word of God is intended to impact every single area of our lives. In Deuteronomy 6:4-9, part of the command from God…

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Podcast: Bible Curriculum that Transforms

Bible Curriculum

Most Bible curriculum is designed generally for most children to understand. However, the real-life experiences of children in the U.S. vary greatly. The life of a child in a rural southern town is not the same as the life of a child in a major northeastern city. How do we use the children’s ministry curriculum…

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