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Children’s Ministry is Not About Us

Childrens Ministry

I’m getting a little tired of hearing people talk of ministering to children as “a means to an end.” Today, I came across an article online with eight terrific tips for encouraging the children’s ministry workers in your church. The tips are perfect. It’s basically a set of different emails you can send to your…

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Travel Update: Alex Bruda in Uganda

National Leadership

Alex Bruda — EGM’s National Ministry Builder — traveled to Uganda for a week in July. He went to participate in director orientation for Patience Atukunda, the new National Director for EGM-Uganda. It was a great joy for Alex to serve again alongside Emmanuel Manishimwe — EGM’s East Africa Coordinator — as they began this exciting orientation…

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The Theology of Holding Babies

Holding Babies

I had the opportunity to preach in my large church when I was a young children’s pastor. At the conclusion of the last service, one of the elders came up to me with kind words of encouragement. Then he said, “Daniel you like preaching, you’re completing your seminary studies…when are you going to move on…

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Children Need the Local Church

Local Church

I was meeting with one of our EGM supporters, just getting to know him. He told me that when he was 12 years old, he came downstairs to the kitchen one morning and found his mother lying on the floor. She had died suddenly and was gone. I was shocked. After a long silence, I…

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Transformational Ministry in a Digital Age

Digital Communication

Over 20 years ago, the “Internet Revolution” began. Since then, the world has been experiencing the greatest shift in communication in over 500 years. The last seismic paradigm shift of this kind was the invention of the movable type printing press by Johannes Gutenberg in the 15th Century. The printing press resulted in the explosive…

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Can Children Be Disciples of Jesus?


If I survey my life, I find certain qualities that are not good. In fact, there are issues I have wrestled with my entire life. When my children were born and I began parenting them, I suddenly realized that those same qualities were evident in them. Apparently, they had picked them up from somewhere. Sometimes…

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The Value of Simplicity When Teaching the Bible

Teaching the Bible

After all the parties and celebrations, my friend took his family to dinner to celebrate his PhD. He had just graduated from USC. At the table, his eight-year old asked if his degree meant he could give people medicine. He replied, “No honey, it’s an academic doctorate.” Her response was, “Oh, so you’re a doctor…

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(A Lack of) VBS in Latin America

Vacation Bible School

School is out and the time to enjoy summer vacation has arrived. It’s the perfect time to play and have fun, but there is a big problem in Latin America. Most parents need to work through summer to provide for their families. It’s just not possible to take time off to enjoy the sunny days…

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More than Cookies and Coloring Pages

Discipling Children

My closest friend from middle school just revealed something to his friends and family that I’m sure was a shock to most of us. Throughout his life – and especially during his childhood – he has struggled with gender dysphoria. He’s struggled with wanting to be a girl. When he revealed this secret to me,…

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