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Podcast: Entering 2019 with Thanks


So here we are approaching the new year. As we were thinking about what to discuss for this episode, we were thinking about what would bring us all into 2019 in the right frame of mind. So on this episode of Better Children’s Ministry, Daniel and Kelli talk about thankfulness and how important it is…

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Podcast: EGM’s Year-End Celebration


Every year at EGM, the staff gets together and we pray and discuss what will be the focus of our year-end celebration. What will be the message in our annual Christmas card. What does God wants us to share about Him in light of our ministry to boys and girls. This year, the theme of…

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Podcast: A Call to Ministry is a Call to Prayer


When we serve in children’s ministry, we are leaders. And when God calls us into ministry as a leader, He also calls us into prayer. God invites us into an ongoing, intimate conversation with Him as we serve the boys and girls in our churches. He provides guidance, encouragement, strength and so much more when…

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Welcome Them In Our Giving


Whenever we visited my wife’s parents, her mom always had food; usually chocolate chip cookies or something equally delicious. It was her way of welcoming us! I have to say it definitely made us feel welcomed. My children would start drooling as we drove up to Grandma’s house. Sometimes, you could smell them when the…

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Podcast: A Leader in Church and at Home


During this hectic holiday season, God’s call on our lives to minister to children can feel overwhelming. Balancing our responsibilities at home with our families and at church with our service can become very challenging. In this episode of Better Children’s Ministry, Daniel Watts walks us through 1 Timothy 3:4 and some of the qualifications…

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Welcome Them In Church


It was a normal Saturday night. Preparations for Sunday’s sermon were complete. I felt confident that everything was in order for the next day. None of the volunteers had texted or called to see they couldn’t show up for the next morning’s service. On Sunday morning, the routine began: a prayer before coffee, a review…

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Podcast: Wisdom of Proverbs in Children’s Ministry


We know that the holiday season can be particularly busy and stressful for children’s ministry leaders. Because of the spiritual significance behind Thanksgiving and Christmas, our churches are often celebrating with additional services and programs. Because of that, we want to spend a couple weeks offering encouragement and wisdom directly from God’s Word. On this…

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