“Transforming Children in Christ through His Church”

Archive for February 2017

When Jesus Becomes Just Another Fairy Tale

Around the world today, many children are being taught the Bible like it is just another subject in school. Often, they memorize whole chapters of the Bible, but it is never clarified to the children what those verses have to do with everyday living. Rather, the Bible is taught to children like it is a…

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When a Church is Transformed

Cami and I served with the Bunavestire Church in Bucharest for 16 years. We began with a new church plant of 30 people and started developing the children’s ministry very soon after. Eleven years ago, we started to implement EGM’s Biblical transformation model based on Deuteronomy 6. Our family was recently called to relocate to…

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Transformed People Transform People

Mary and Rose recently participated in the Model Children’s Worker training workshops hosted by EGM-Egypt. One of the sessions they attended was about ministering to children with special needs. Not long after that, a woman from Mary and Rose’s church asked if they would consider coming to her home to visit her children who didn’t…

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I Am a Mistake

I was recently teaching a VBS lesson in Cluj about how each and every one of us is so important to God. I shared that He sees real treasure in us – and that He paid an indescribably high price for us. An eight-year old boy, named Andrei, was listening intently and quietly. With a…

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What is REAL Transformation?

Transformation has become a buzzword in our modern culture. The Uber phenomenon has “transformed” the modern business world. The Golden State Warriors have “transformed” professional basketball with the three-point shot. The e-book has “transformed” the literary world. Although those transformations are great, nothing compares to the transformation of a changed life! For Every Generation Ministries…

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