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Podcast: Too Young to Follow Jesus?

Follow Jesus

It seems like there’s an undertone in many churches that children’s ministry is “pre-ministry.” The idea is that we’re serving people who are not yet old enough to follow Jesus, have true faith in God or maybe make a meaningful contribution to the life of the church. In this episode of “Better Children’s Ministry,” David…

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Launching Ministry in India


I was a young Christian newly recruited into a children’s ministry internship at a local church when I was invited to a missionary prayer meeting. I did not know much about prayer and I knew even less about missions. At the end of the meeting, the missionary invited us to pray for people in India,…

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Podcast: Passionate & Committed Volunteers


A big responsibility within children’s ministry is equipping and encouraging volunteers who are directly discipling boys and girls. On this episode of “Better Children’s Ministry,” David Jesse talks with Krysten Norkaitis, EGM’s Leadership Developer, about some of the most effective strategies for training volunteers and encouraging them in their own spiritual lives. Krysten shares about…

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Podcast: Creativity in KidMin

Bible Creativity

Creativity can be a scary concept for some of us. Many people don’t feel equipped to teach children because they don’t feel like they’re creative people. On this episode of “Better Children’s Ministry,” Krysten Norkaitis chats with David Jesse about what being creative really means. Spoiler alert: you don’t have to be a Pinterest celebrity…

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Measuring Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth

A few years ago, we didn’t think it was possible to quantitatively measure spiritual growth in the life of a child. But just last month, EGM launched an experiment that will allow us to monitor spiritual growth in the lives of 900 children in Latin America. Can a transformed life be measured? EGM is committed…

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Podcast: Welcoming Special Needs Kids

Special Needs Kids

As Vacation Bible School season continues, David Jesse sat down with Tara Thomas to talk about her experience serving in VBS this year. Tara’s church designed a VBS program with differently-abled children in mind. A recent study by the National Survey of Children’s Health reported that special needs kids — children with Autism, ADD/ADHD, learning…

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Podcast: Experiencing Bible Truth

Experiential Teaching

Experiential teaching means helping children experience the feelings associated with a Bible truth. It is not a method invented by EGM. In fact, it is modeled by Jesus himself and takes its cues from Deuteronomy 6. In this episode of “Better Children’s Ministry,” David Jesse and Daniel Watts talk about why experiential teaching is a…

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