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Welcome Them In Church


It was a normal Saturday night. Preparations for Sunday’s sermon were complete. I felt confident that everything was in order for the next day. None of the volunteers had texted or called to see they couldn’t show up for the next morning’s service. On Sunday morning, the routine began: a prayer before coffee, a review…

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(A Lack of) VBS in Latin America

Vacation Bible School

School is out and the time to enjoy summer vacation has arrived. It’s the perfect time to play and have fun, but there is a big problem in Latin America. Most parents need to work through summer to provide for their families. It’s just not possible to take time off to enjoy the sunny days…

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Every Child Deserves the Love of a Father


During my recent visit to Chile, a woman from a church in Santiago told me how children there are growing up in broken homes, where violence and abuse are part of their daily life. In Latin America, society tolerates the irresponsibility of men, based on the premise that it’s a mother’s job to raise her…

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