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Podcast: Discipleship & Evangelism


Every Generation Ministries believes every child can experience the transformed life Jesus intends for them. That is why we help churches around the world disciple children using five principles from Deuteronomy 6. We talk about discipleship a lot on this podcast because it’s really at the core of why EGM exists. On this episode of…

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Podcast: Partnering with Parents


Sometimes discipleship looks like a birthday party. As a church family, we can partner with parents by simply being present in the life of their child. On this episode of Better Children’s Ministry, David Jesse talks with Tara Thomas about what role the church plays in discipling children and some of the ways a children’s…

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Podcast: Too Young to Follow Jesus?

Follow Jesus

It seems like there’s an undertone in many churches that children’s ministry is “pre-ministry.” The idea is that we’re serving people who are not yet old enough to follow Jesus, have true faith in God or maybe make a meaningful contribution to the life of the church. In this episode of “Better Children’s Ministry,” David…

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Podcast: Preparing our Hearts to Serve


Have you ever been personally transformed by the Bible lesson you prepared for KidMin? Spending time with God’s Word before presenting it to children is an important aspect of biblical leadership. In this episode, David is joined by Tara Thomas, EGM’s Mobilization Coordinator and a former Children’s Ministry Director. Tara shares about the challenges we…

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Can Children Be Disciples of Jesus?


If I survey my life, I find certain qualities that are not good. In fact, there are issues I have wrestled with my entire life. When my children were born and I began parenting them, I suddenly realized that those same qualities were evident in them. Apparently, they had picked them up from somewhere. Sometimes…

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More than Cookies and Coloring Pages

Discipling Children

My closest friend from middle school just revealed something to his friends and family that I’m sure was a shock to most of us. Throughout his life – and especially during his childhood – he has struggled with gender dysphoria. He’s struggled with wanting to be a girl. When he revealed this secret to me,…

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Children Can – and Do – Respond to God

Transformation in the life of a child.

Years ago, I was asked to preach in a church in Quilpué, Chile. Before the sermon, they took an offering. The ushers had large, shallow straw bowls. Four of them stood in the front of the sanctuary. Down the pew from me was a young girl that looked to be about ten years old. She…

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Maybe it Really Does Take a Village

Children's Discipleship

In 1996, then First Lady Hillary Rodham-Clinton released a book entitled, It Takes A Village. This title was criticized for several reasons. Many people disagreed with the overall premise of the book, that the community is responsible for raising children collectively, not just each child’s parents. I was a part of that camp. I believed…

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Working with Who’s Already Working

My name is Andrea, and I am the Director of EGM-Chile. I participate in the development and training of children’s ministry leaders using the ministry’s biblical model of discipleship. This program reflects God’s heart. I have seen how teachers are equipped with the necessary tools to help them lead children into a transformed life in…

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Helping Children Respond to God’s Word

We long for children to understand what our Bible lessons mean for their real lives. Bible application is used by God to transform hearts. This is the final element of EGM’s discipleship model. The children will take all they have learned and experienced during the lesson and have the opportunity to respond to it! In order…

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