“Transforming Children in Christ through His Church”


Podcast: Preparing our Hearts to Serve

Have you ever been personally transformed by the Bible lesson you prepared for KidMin? Spending time with God’s Word before presenting it to children is an important aspect of biblical leadership. In this episode, David is joined by Tara Thomas, EGM’s Mobilization Coordinator and a former Children’s Ministry Director. Tara shares about the challenges we face trying to prepare our hearts before Sunday morning and the importance of weighing the “urgent” against the “important.”


4:34 – Spiritual transformation in the life of a child starts with spiritual transformation in our own lives
5:16 – Weighing the urgent against the important
8:20 – Scheduling time to sit before the Lord before we lead on Sunday
9:49 – It benefits children to watch their leaders be transformed by God’s Word
14:06 – Discipleship is about more than teaching
14:51 – Encouragement for the discouraged


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