From the President

The Theology of Holding Babies

Holding Babies

I had the opportunity to preach in my large church when I was a young children’s pastor. At the conclusion of the last service, one of the elders came up to me with kind words of encouragement. Then he said, “Daniel you like preaching, you’re completing your seminary studies…when are you going to move on…

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Children Need the Local Church

Local Church

I was meeting with one of our EGM supporters, just getting to know him. He told me that when he was 12 years old, he came downstairs to the kitchen one morning and found his mother lying on the floor. She had died suddenly and was gone. I was shocked. After a long silence, I…

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Can Children Be Disciples of Jesus?


If I survey my life, I find certain qualities that are not good. In fact, there are issues I have wrestled with my entire life. When my children were born and I began parenting them, I suddenly realized that those same qualities were evident in them. Apparently, they had picked them up from somewhere. Sometimes…

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The Value of Simplicity When Teaching the Bible

Teaching the Bible

After all the parties and celebrations, my friend took his family to dinner to celebrate his PhD. He had just graduated from USC. At the table, his eight-year old asked if his degree meant he could give people medicine. He replied, “No honey, it’s an academic doctorate.” Her response was, “Oh, so you’re a doctor…

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Transformational Ministry is Relational

Relational Childrens Ministry

Susan was the lesson planner and organizer. Cobb was the fun-loving, relational businessman. Everyone thought of her as the “teacher” and “children’s worker.” Cobb was just helping out. Each Sunday they would serve side-by-side. Whenever I would check in on them, I would observe Susan presenting the Bible truth, leading an activity or helping children…

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Children Can – and Do – Respond to God

Transformation in the life of a child.

Years ago, I was asked to preach in a church in Quilpué, Chile. Before the sermon, they took an offering. The ushers had large, shallow straw bowls. Four of them stood in the front of the sanctuary. Down the pew from me was a young girl that looked to be about ten years old. She…

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Children Are Excellent Teachers

Children's Ministry isn't just for children

Some of the greatest ministry being done in the world today is being done by children. Some of the most important lessons I have learned have been taught to me by boys and girls around the world. Sometimes we get so caught up in serving, teaching, pastoring and otherwise giving to children that we forget…

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They Have God’s Full Attention


Four years ago, I completed a training session in Kisoro, Uganda. Several leaders asked me to walk with them to the nearby Potters Village Orphanage, run by the church. I was introduced to a little baby who was only hours old. His mother, a DR Congo refugee, had died in childbirth. There was no known…

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What is REAL Transformation?

Transformation has become a buzzword in our modern culture. The Uber phenomenon has “transformed” the modern business world. The Golden State Warriors have “transformed” professional basketball with the three-point shot. The e-book has “transformed” the literary world. Although those transformations are great, nothing compares to the transformation of a changed life! For Every Generation Ministries…

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Bible Truths…Talk About Them

Last Thursday, I had an internet video meeting with one of our EGM team members in East Africa. During that meeting, he shared the progress of our training and development programs for children’s ministry leaders in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In eastern DRC, the EGM-DRC team organized various four-week Model Children’s Worker training programs.…

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