Every Child Deserves the Love of a Father

During my recent visit to Chile, a woman from a church in Santiago told me how children there are growing up in broken homes, where violence and abuse are part of their daily life. In Latin America, society tolerates the irresponsibility of men, based on the premise that it’s a mother’s job to raise her kids. As a result, many children go to bed without the embrace and love of a father.
Children in Latin America need the opportunity to know that God is a loving father, and that they can have a close relationship with Him.

Children need the love of Christ

The Bible tells us in Psalm 68:5 that, “God is the Father to the fatherless.” One of the biggest challenges for churches in Latin America is ministering to the fatherless generation by showing these children how the Word of God relates to their daily lives.

EGM faces this challenge by providing leadership development programs with an important focus on “relationship” – a principle found in EGM’s biblical model of discipleship. As children experience God’s love, they begin to grow as a follower of Christ.

A Father to the fatherless

Churches are embracing children by providing meals, after school programs and sports activities. EGM partners with these churches to help bring the Word of God to meet children’s deepest spiritual needs. The EGM team is providing training and leadership development programs, along with culturally relevant Bible teaching materials.

It is an honor and privilege for me to serve with the EGM team, and to participate in helping children establish a real relationship with their heavenly Father.

Would you prayerfully consider a one-time financial gift for Every Generation Ministries or supporting the ministry in Chile and/or Latin America on a monthly basis? It is our hope that when children are desperate for love and spiritual guidance, we will have children’s ministry workers that can help lead them into a personal relationship with their heavenly Father. It is our prayer that we can have enough resources, so no church will have to be placed on a waiting list.


Will you prayerfully consider a gift to support children’s ministry in Latin America?

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