“Transforming Children in Christ through His Church”

Bible Application

Podcast: So What?

If we only do one thing in children’s ministry, it must be helping boys and girls connect God’s Word to their real life. Even if we have a super creative Bible lesson, a fun craft and the best snack prepared, we haven’t done our jobs if the children leave church unsure about real-life Bible application. We want to help them answer the question, “So What?” This episode of “Better Children’s Ministry” is about how to do that.


2:00 – What is the “So What” issue?
5:40 – “So What?” is not just a struggle in the KidMin world
8:42 – Knowing the real lives of the kids we serve
12:48 – “Talk About Them”
17:45 – Getting the right answers isn’t the goal
18:40 – Encouragement for the discouraged

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