“Transforming Children in Christ through His Church”

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Over 18,593 lives will be impacted for Christ.


Children's Workers

children's ministry leaders will receive biblical training to help children follow Jesus.


Children Using EGM Activity Books

Bible curriculum books will be used in Sunday Schools around the world.


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children will attend Bible camp and be invited into God's family.

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Churches will be equipped to welcome children with unique abilities and teach them God's Word.

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Children's ministry affected by COVID-19 will continue.

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Boys and girls who have fled their homelands will experience the hope and peace of Jesus Christ.

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EGM is making a global impact for Christ on...

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10,000 Churches

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40,000 Children's Workers

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Over 1 Million Children

Greenfield Partners, Inc.
United Pacific
Donaval Wealth

Our Approach

EGM Peru

EGM finds leaders within Christian communities around the world and partners with them to establish a national ministry. These ministries are governed, staffed and funded by national leaders. They work directly with the churches in their own country to develop effective ministry to children.

National ministries provide churches with leadership development programs and Bible teaching materials for their children's ministry workers.

Watch Now: Helping churches equip children's ministry leaders

Watch Now: Culturally-relevant Bible teaching materials