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Every Generation Ministries found its Polish Director in Taiwan

When Every Generation Ministries (EGM) President, Daniel Watts, stepped down as the Director of EGM-Poland in 1997, the Polish Board of Directors chose Andrzej Michnik to serve as its Polish Director. Andrzej served in that role from 1998. Andrzej stepped down as the Polish Director, and after an interim period, the Polish Board of Directors began a search process that was nationwide… it turned out to be international in scope. As the net was cast, several candidates emerged in Poland and another from, of all places, Taiwan.

Michal Slawik, Polish Director

Michal Slawik, EGM-Poland Director

New Polish Director Moves Across the Globe

Michal Slawik had been assigned to work in Taiwan with his family and became aware of the Polish Director search through his Christian community in Krakow, Poland. Thanks to technology, Michal was able to participate in the search process. Over time and numerous Skype interviews, Board of Directors in Poland sensed God calling Michal to serve as the newest EGM-Poland Director.

Michal accepted the call to serve as the new Polish Director and has relocated with his family to Poland. In Fall 2014, EGM staff members Joe Cox, Alex Bruda and Emese Balint spent a week with Michal to conduct his Director orientation. Michal was involved in the establishment of a Christian School in Krakow (one of the first in all of Poland), has a degree in Marriage and Family Counseling and is a great lover of children and churches in Poland. We believe Michal is uniquely gifted to take the first EGM ministry in Poland to new levels of growth and effectiveness.

Polish Director with EGM-Poland Board of Directors

EGM-Poland Board of Directors 2014

For more information regarding EGM-Poland, visit the Misja Pokolen website at http://misjapokolen.org/.

Every Generation Ministries has committed to funding Michal’s salary for the next year as he works to increase the financial support of the ministry. If you would like to be a part of supporting the new Polish Director, you can make a donation on the EGM website https://egmworld.org/. Please join us in thanking God for Michal Slawik and EGM’s ministry in Poland.

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