New Beginnings in 2015



Most of us have taken stock of the previous year and have already made new plans for the New Year.

New beginnings are part of the world God created

The four seasons cause us to think about new beginnings, as does the cry of a newborn baby. At the heart of the Christian message is the notion of being born again. (John 3)

Every Generation Ministries has several National Ministry Team partners that are currently experiencing new beginnings. They are all associated with the birth of new leadership in the ministry:

Susana Rodriguez - New Beginnings in ArgentinaArgentina

Susana Rodriguez joined the EGM-Argentina team in November 2014. She has a passion for children and for helping churches develop life-changing ministry to children. Susana serves with a team of Argentinian leaders, and is committed to building a solid leadership team as the foundation for Argentina’s future.


Alejandro Zamarano - New beginnings in ChileChile

Alejandro Zamorano joined the EGM-Chile team in March 2014, after serving as a Pastor and leader of his denomination’s work with children. Alejandro loves churches and children’s workers. He has a particular passion for providing Spanish language Bible teaching materials for Chilean teachers that will connect the Bible with the real lives of boys and girls in Chile.


Sary Mikhaiel - New beginnings in the Middle EastEgypt

Sary Mikhaiel leads the ministry in the Middle East. He is a gifted leader with enthusiasm and vision. So many leaders see the persecution and challenges of ministry in the Muslim world as overwhelming. Sary sees them as an opportunity. He is committed to helping Egyptian churches develop children’s ministries that impact the lives of children outside the church; making a church’s children’s ministry an outreach tool for growth.

More updates about EGM’s National Ministry Team partners can be found on EGM’s Where We Work page.

These are just some of the major new beginnings at Every Generation Ministries. However, what we are most enthusiastic about is the new beginning that every child can have with God through Jesus Christ. Each and every child can experience the new life of forgiveness, unconditional love, mercy, joy, hope and purpose. Pray with me that 2015 will be an amazing year of new beginnings for boys and girls around the world.

In His Steps,

Daniel C. Watts


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