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Joe and Julie Cox came to serve with Every Generation Ministries (EGM) in 2006. Joe was given charge over operations for the ministry’s international efforts, while Julie served in communications and curriculum development. At that time, EGM was working in six countries and faced some serious growth pangs. Together, Joe and Julie brought years of ministry and leadership experience, and have left an indelible stamp on EGM. Thanks in part to the Cox family, Every Generation Ministries has experienced an extraordinary period of growth; impacting the lives of children and children’s workers through churches around the world.

Enduring Treasure Ministries-Joe and Julie CoxIn December 2014, after much prayer and wise counsel, Joe and Julie felt led by God to leave Every Generation Ministries and begin a new ministry called Enduring Treasure Ministries.

EGM’s Board of Directors has given their blessing to the Cox family in their new calling and plans to support them in this endeavor. EGM local and international staff members already miss having Joe and Julie as part of the team, but cannot and will not stand in the way of God’s purpose.

In recognition of Joe and Julie’s service with Every Generation Ministries, a few of their outstanding ministry accomplishments include:

  1. Provided life-changing, culturally relevant Bible teaching materials for children’s workers in the Arabic, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian and Spanish languages. The skeleton lessons developed for this Internet Curriculum Initiative will be valuable resources for ministry expansion in years to come.
  2. Developed new ministry teams in Latin America, East Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Today, EGM has ministry in thirteen countries on four continents and is poised to expand the work even more in the near future.
  3. Nearly every one of the countries where EGM serves has an active online ministry presence utilizing websites, social media communities and rich media content. Leadership development training resources for children’s workers are now being distributed electronically in many languages. 
  4. Developed an International Ministries Team that is passionate, gifted and committed to seeing children transformed in Christ through churches around the world.

Joe in Africa 2014-4The world has over 2 billion children and most of them are not aware that God loves them and has a new life to offer them in Christ Jesus. When Joe and Julie came to EGM, they brought with them the heart of Jesus Christ for children and children’s ministry. As part of Enduring Treasure Ministries they will apply that same passion as well as a desire to see God’s Word flowing out from His people. All of the EGM staff members thank God for Joe and Julie’s service and pray that God blesses the Cox family in this new ministry. Every Generation Ministries will continue to labor with Enduring Treasure Ministries, and stand shoulder to shoulder until disciples are made in every nation.

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The entire EGM staff encourages you to learn more about Enduring Treasure Ministries by checking out the following links:

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