“Transforming Children in Christ through His Church”

Titus Project

Encouraging national Christian communities to take ownership of and support their national ministry teams

A study in 2 Corinthians 8-9, particularly in 2 Corinthians 8:20-21, led to a new understanding of our long-standing commitment to develop National Ministry Teams. This exciting ministry initiative will move our ministries toward increased effectiveness within their own cultures. The simple goal of the Titus Project is to make the operational costs of each National Ministry Team fully funded, from within the country, in three years. The Titus Project will:

  • Fully engage national churches and Christians at the heart level, as they fully support the national ministry work.
  • Become more accountable to their own national Christian leaders
  • Further increase ministry relevance

All three of these results will allow even more boys and girls to experience the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ.

Support this Project!

Support the Titus Project and see the increased effectiveness of National Ministry Teams, as they are supported by their national Christian communities.

Our Projects


Crucible Project

The Crucible Project is an initiative designed to evaluate our ministry. Are we truly transforming children in Christ through His Church?


Internet Curriculum

The Internet Curriculum Initiative is a means to cast a wider net of impact to help churches.

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Ministry Toolbox

The Ministry Toolbox features development programs designed to help national ministries support children's workers serving in churches.

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Titus Project

The Titus Project encourages national Christian communities to take ownership of and support their national ministry teams.

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