“Transforming Children in Christ through His Church”

Crucible Project

An initiative designed to evaluate the effectiveness of Every Generation Ministries

EGM is involved on four continents with 13 ministry teams working in 13 different countries. Clearly, there are significant differences in culture and perspective regarding the issue of evaluation. While EGM has no desire to press one culture’s view of evaluation onto another, we do feel the need to evaluate the ministry and our effectiveness. Our desire is to evaluate ministry in a biblical manner that reflects the rich tapestry of cultures that God has woven together in our ministry.

The Crucible Project is a new phase of EGM’s commitment to ministry evaluation. The Crucible Project will evaluate our ministry effectiveness in three new ways:

  • To what degree are our leadership development programs creating Model Children’s Workers in local churches?
  • Are the Bible teaching materials developed by National Ministry Teams effective tools of transformation for children’s workers, EGM-trained and otherwise?
  • Is EGM successfully transforming children in Christ through His Church, to hold true to our mission and reason for existence?

Support this Project!

Support the Crucible Project so that EGM is able to effectively evaluate progress on a global scale.

Our Projects


Crucible Project

The Crucible Project is an initiative designed to evaluate our ministry. Are we truly transforming children in Christ through His Church?


Internet Curriculum

The Internet Curriculum Initiative is a means to cast a wider net of impact to help churches.

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Ministry Toolbox

The Ministry Toolbox features development programs designed to help national ministries support children's workers serving in churches.

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Titus Project

The Titus Project encourages national Christian communities to take ownership of and support their national ministry teams.

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