Transforming Children in Christ through His Church

Every Generation Ministries

International Ministry to Children: Every Church for Every Child

Every Generation Ministries is an international ministry to children that seeks transform children in Christ through His Church. God’s vision is to see boys and girls in all nations become disciples of Jesus Christ. This vision will be accomplished when every church in the world is equipped an effective, culturally-relevant and life-applicable ministry to children.

God Loves Children and Wants Every Generation Ministries to Do the Same

His Word is filled with admonitions to love our children and to help them come to know their Creator in a personal way. One of the characteristics we see in the life of Jesus recorded in the Bible, is the way He consistently demonstrated His love specifically to children. His example was unmistakable and is compelling to us today in our ministry to children (Mark 10:13-16). Every Generation Ministries was born out of a response to God’s love for children and His Church. We are dedicated to reflecting this sincere love for children in all that we do. EGM leaders are known as Christians who follow Christ’s example in loving children. EGM’s training materials and Bible teaching resources are filled with constant reminders that biblical children’s ministry is built on the foundation of a warm relationship with the children we serve.

Accomplishments in Our Ministry to Children

Since it was founded in 1993 in Poland, Every Generation Ministries has expanded to serve children’s workers and churches in thirteen countries: Mexico, U.S. Hispanic churches, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Egypt, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Belarus, Ukraine, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Currently in these countries, there are over 16,000 children’s workers trained and equipped by Every Generation Ministries, representing over 4,000 churches.


“The first EGM-Hungary training was so interesting that it prompted many others sign-up. Those who participated in the training have been serving among the children since then on Sundays or at camps. Our children’s ministry has been renewed; we got creative ideas and a lot of useful, practical knowledge. EGM has taught us to dare to use our God-given talents reaching children!” Gaborne Lorant, Pastor (Hungary)


“It is a great pleasure for me to be able to write to you as I want to share my heart and my appreciation for the ministry of EGM. It is so good to see ministries that work hard in the fulfilling of the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus, to make disciples of all people, children being included. I thank you for being a ministry that is committed in doing that! In a world where children and adults fight for survival, we appreciate the work of Every Generation Ministries, helping our church to take Jesus’ hope and salvation to them, helping them to become His followers and not just converts, making an eternal difference in their eternity.” Florin Enesu, Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Bucharest


“We are really glad to be able to easily access such rich resources so our children’s ministry will reach their goals and the children will be able to experience God at their level of understanding and according to each age. We are grateful for the practical life application of the lessons which are very easy to understand and to put in practice by the children. All of these methods changed many hearts and attitudes in our children. The parents are delighted by the partnership we are encouraged to get into at the ‘put your family at work’ part.” Pastor Ionica Avram, Speranta Pentecostal Church (Cluj Napoca, Romania)


“We are grateful to God for all mission members who serve God developing ministry to children, who help churches in teaching workers and for providing necessary manuals. We believe that through this ministry children will be His faithful disciples.” Andrashko Michael, Kiev Region Bishop


“We’d like to thank Every Generation Ministries for the work they began in the churches of Ukraine; the teaching of lessons in Sunday school based on their Biblical model. This information is useful and timely. Let God abundantly bless your work.” Pastor Butrik O.A., Director of Camp – Sobko L.V. Christian Church of Evangelical Faith “Tabernacle”


“We are thankful to Every Generation Ministries mission for helping our churches in children ministry. We appreciate the personal dedication of EGM workers and their serious attitude towards children’s ministry. May God richly bless you and give you strength to continue His work! Pastor T.Z. Syd’kl, Lviv Association of Evangical Christians

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