Why Uganda?

Nicknamed the “Pearl of Africa,” Uganda is a country with an enormous number of children.

While traveling across the country or in the cities, one cannot help but be struck by the number of children.

Uganda is home to over 19 million children.

Although they are a multitude, God loves them and is stirring up His church to minister to the greatest need they have: the spiritual needs for grace, mercy and a new life of hope and peace.

EGM seeks to help children's ministry leaders in the 30,000 churches of Uganda minister to boys and girls and help them experience a life transformed by Jesus Christ.

EGM Update

The ministry was launched in 2012 and to date has over 1,500 children’s workers involved in development programs. Vacation Bible School (VBS) materials have been produced in Rufimbira and the EGM-Uganda website has been launched. With so many children in need, EGM-Uganda has big plans for ministry growth.


Support leaders across this country as they work to equip children's ministry leaders in local churches.

Join in prayer for EGM-Uganda

  • Praise the LORD for the Holiday Bible Club programs. Hundreds of children are hearing the gospel and receiving Christ at these outreach events hosted by local churches.
  • Pray for the leadership development training programs for children’s workers in local churches that are being launched in Gulu, Kampala, Eastern and Southwest Uganda.
  • Pray more volunteer leaders will get involved in the ministry. More leaders are needed to help develop transformational children’s ministries with thousands of children’s workers.
  • Pray that more Ugandan churches and national Christians will provide financial support to the ministry. EGM’s desire is to build a robust ministry!

With your help we can continue to develop:


Bible resources for kids


Discipleship training to help boys and girls respond to God’s Word


Vacation Bible School opportunities


Leadership development workshops