“Transforming Children in Christ through His Church”

Developing Leaders Around the World – Transforming Lives

South America Directors with Daniel - January 2016 (Chile)

Every Generation Ministries believes that the best people to transform children in Christ are national Christian leaders in His Church. So, EGM establishes national ministry teams that are governed, staffed and funded by the local Christian community. “Governed” means a Board of Directors is overseeing the work in the country. “Staffed” means there are national Christian leaders doing the work of the ministry; most importantly the National Ministry Team (NMT) Director. “Funded” means that the operating budget of the national ministry team is supplied by national donations, curriculum sales and leadership development costs. The NMT Director is called by the Board of Directors and oversees the ministry work in a country. They are my counterpoint around the world. The success of each NMT Director’s development is a critical factor in transforming children in Christ through His Church.

Over the last twelve months, EGM’s newest ministry partners in Argentina, Chile, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo have called gifted leaders to serve. Existing ministries in Egypt, Mexico, Peru and Ukraine are experiencing growth and transition, and are searching for new NMT Directors. This means that eight of EGM’s thirteen ministry partners are growing and developing leaders.

In response, EGM has implemented a new development program for NMT Directors. This three-year program includes hands-on lessons using the Model Children’s Worker method, online seminars, coaching and spiritual support.

Experience Activity - Chile 2016

Developing Leaders in South America and East Africa

In January, EGM hosted a week-long program in South America for the three new NMT Directors in Argentina, Chile and Peru. It was a great time of learning and connecting together. In late February, the same program will be conducted in Uganda for new Directors in Uganda and the DRC. I am looking forward to being with these gifted leaders who are learning and growing.

Using the Bible to Develop Leaders

In the New Testament, the key to the growth of the Christian movement was the ability of missionaries like Paul to travel throughout the Roman world to establish churches. These churches where established by preaching the Gospel of God (Acts 20:21), creating a community of Christ followers (Acts 20:28) and appointing and developing leadership in the Church (Acts 14:23).

Similarly, for EGM, forward movement to see children’s lives transformed through churches depends on the ministry’s ability to share God’s vision for transformational ministry, develop a community of children’s workers committed to making disciples of boys and girls, and appointing and developing leaders in national ministry teams.

Teaching in UG

Please join me in praying for the hand of God’s blessing on these women and men serving in key leadership roles with EGM around the world.

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