“Transforming Children in Christ through His Church”

When the Family Comes Together, the World Believes

From its very beginnings, EGM-Belarus has consisted of representatives from two major Church Unions: Baptist and Pentecostal.

For over 10 years, I have personally been involved in the Board’s work and have served as its Chairman during recent years. I also work as full-time professor at a theological seminary in Minsk. In our Board meetings, we share stories of thanksgiving of how God is transforming children into His image. We discuss our challenges. As we join together in prayer, we ask the Lord for guidance in our work and for help in our current needs.

We see the great impact of EGM’s resources in bringing children into a real relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Board recognizes the value in training and developing Sunday school teachers, as they have a unique opportunity to reach children.

Our Board also values working with local churches, and in providing Model Children’s Worker training seminars. Many participants testify that their understanding of children’s behavior and ways of involving them was forever changed. As a Board member, knowing what is happening in the local ministry allows making priorities in the allocation of resources for better ministry to children.

By Pavel Osenenko, Chairman, EGM-Belarus Board of Directors

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