“Transforming Children in Christ through His Church”

Putting Ourselves Out of Business

In the next ten years, how does EGM serve 38 countries where 75% of the children live? The answer — equip local Christian leaders! Around the world, there are Christians who are just like us: they love the Church and they love children. They want to help teachers teach children based on Moses’ experiential model in Deuteronomy 6:4-9. These leaders have been called by God to reach children in their country. EGM has been called by God to help them!

How does EGM help? We ask them what they need and then help provide it. Their requests center around three questions. How do we do this? Can you provide materials and training? Can you help us financially?

There are currently 100-plus Board members, serving 12 Boards throughout the world. Since these local Christian leaders are completely autonomous in leading their ministry, we have worked diligently to give them the help them work through their local churches. By answering their three questions, I think you will see how we have helped them to self-govern.

  1. How do we do this? We created the “Ministry Toolbox,” which provides over 150 experiential Biblical lessons to help move a new country from the startup phase to a fully functioning ministry.
  2. Can you provide materials and training? We provide regular communications and support. Regional Ministry Coordinators, US Staff and volunteers visit national ministries at every phase of the developing ministry to walk them through the 150 training and development lessons and provide other operational help as needed.
  3. Can you help us financially? We always start a new ministry with the financial help that is needed. However, the last 20 lessons in the “Ministry Toolbox” are called the “Titus Project,” which helps each ministry to become fully self-supporting within their country. This allows EGM to help other new countries without having an overwhelming US budget. To date, EGM ministries in 6 of the 12 countries are self-supporting between 55% and 100% of their total budget.

If EGM ceased to exist in the U.S. today, the ministry would continue in these countries because local Christian leaders have the tools and calling to accomplish God’s vision for transforming children in Christ through His Church.

On behalf of the EGM Board, our current 12 Boards around the world… and the 25 more to come, I say, “Thanks! Keep on praying!”

 By David Sanger, Secretary, EGM Board of Directors

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