“Transforming Children in Christ through His Church”

Roadmap to a Flourishing Ministry

Not too long ago, my family came together around the dinner table at our home in Kentucky and planned a very special road trip to visit my parents in Southern California. All five of us eagerly gathered around the family laptop as we did a Google Map search. The route across the states was a long one, with many options along the way. We divided the thirty-one hour trip into three days and ever-so-diligently planned the specific route we would take. It would be a lengthy trip, but well worth it in the end – a reunion with my family!

Earlier this month, Every Generation Ministries staff, both local and international, gathered together for the 2016 Staff Summit. The goal? Come up with a plan (or road map) to come alongside and help each national ministry flourish and bring glory to God in seeing more children being transformed in Christ through His Church – a beautiful “destination!”

What is Our Destination Point?

The first step in the Summit planning process was to pinpoint our destination point. As we broke up into small groups, we looked to the Word of God for the answers. For three days, each group You Have Arriveddiligently worked to help establish detailed standards for each national ministry. We prayed, studied Scripture and asked questions like:

  • What would a training development program for children’s workers look like?
  • What would Bible teaching resources for national ministries look like?
  • What would a God-honoring Board of Directors look like?

These new ministry standards will become the “destination point” by which we analyze future ministry work in the following areas: Board of Directors, Staff, Finance and Administration, Fund Development, Publishing and Curricula, Partnership with EGM and Leadership Development.

Where Are We Right Now?

When my family planned our trip to Southern California, the GPS on our laptop confirmed our current location. Likewise, as a staff, we needed to take time to truly gauge where each national Location Searchministry was in terms of reaching their destination. By using the newly formed ministry standards as our “GPS,” we were able to assess each national ministry’s strengths, as well as identify areas of growth. For the next two days of Summit, we once again broke into small groups and spent time in prayer and honest evaluation of each national ministry. With that assessment completed, we were now ready to truly plan our trip! We had each national ministry’s starting point and final destination point.

Where Are We Going?Route across States

It was then time to map out a plan to get from point A to point B. The remainder of the second week of Summit was spent planning specific travel routes for each national ministry. A great sense of
unity and ownership was formed as our staff joined together in prayer after we reviewed the goals laid out for each national ministry.

Our family’s road trip included games, songs, stories and great memories we will not soon forget. Similarly, the two weeks of Summit were a great adventure with meaningful times of prayer, fellowship, special meals, laughter and unity. What a blessing it was to share stories about how God has touched the hearts of children around the world. We thank you for your faithful prayers, and we look forward to sharing what God is doing along the journey – as more children are being transformed in Christ through His Church.

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