“Transforming Children in Christ through His Church”

Spring Swing 2015 a God-honoring success!

Spring Swing 2015

Thank the LORD for being timely with the rain. The Spring Swing 2015 went off without a hitch AND Southern CA got some much needed water. Thanks to everyone who helped make Spring Swing 2015 such a HUGE success. Participants at the event were much appreciated and will greatly help Every Generation Ministries transform children in Christ through His Church.

Leading up to the event, the entire planning team fervently prayed for God to be honored and for His love for children to be front and center. We believe that God heard our prayers and honored the desires of our hearts. We had two specific goals this year. First, we wanted everyone to participate. Thanks to the generosity of God’s people, 113 golfers participated in the tournament and 190 people attended the auctions and banquet; many of whom were introduced to EGM that very day. Our second goal was financial. We exceeded our goal by a significant amount, raising roughly $153,000 for the ministry.

We thank God for His graciousness at Spring Swing 2015

Now we can move forward with:

  • Launching the ministry in U.S. Hispanic churches, ensuring that children in the United States receive EGM’s Spanish Bible teaching materials and training programs.
  • Distributing Vacation Bible School and Sunday school Bible teaching materials across Argentina, Chile and Peru.
  • Sponsoring summer Vacation Bible School programs in Belarus, Romania and Ukraine so children will hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Equipping churches in Uganda for the Holiday Bible Club happening in August 2015.

Every Generation Ministries would not be able to operate without the generous support from donors. I know that God is pleased and my prayer is that He will bless our ministry in transforming children in Christ through His Church around the world.

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