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Global Networking Efforts with David Overstreet

My wife was born in a small town and when we visit, it seems like everyone knows Marla’s mother. They wave when she drives by and it seems as though someone knows her in every store we enter. She could run for mayor.

EGM - David Overstreet Democratic Republic of Congo

David Overstreet -Democratic Republic of Congo

At Every Generation Ministries, or EGM, David Overstreet is like that, except David’s small town is the global village. David seems to know someone in every corner of the world. Whenever I visit a church in the U.S., because of David’s global networking efforts, there’s a very good chance David knows someone in the church and/or nearby Christian community. I travel overseas often with EGM and whenever I prepare to head out, David mentions a contact, friend or church that I need to greet for him. David should become the Secretary General of the United Nations…

Instead, EGM is Blessed by David Overstreet

David serves as the EGM Church Mobilization Director. In David’s case, the title accords with his lengthy list of ministry colleagues in the U.S. and around the world. Over the last thirty years, David has made his ministry global networking while serving with his own church, Emmanuel Faith Community Church in Escondido, CA, and a variety of international ministries. For the last five years, he has been a blessing to EGM with his global networking gifts and talents.

The Global Network of Christian Partners has Increased Due to David Overstreet’s Connections

EGM - Teacher Tool Kit

EGM – Teacher Tool Kit

In particular, David has significantly contributed in the effort to develop an international community of children’s workers through the EGM Teacher Tool Kit project. David has networked children’s workers in the U.S. with like-minded servants in churches from Latin America to East Africa. Most networking has been done through David’s extensive list of contacts; merged with the national Christian partners EGM has established in thirteen countries. Find out how you can be a part of the Teacher Tool Kit project. The Teacher Tool Kit is a featured project on the EGM website.

I am sure that David would love to add you, and your church, to his global circle of friends. If you are interested in connecting with David, his e-mail address is doverstreet@egmworld.org.

In His Steps,

Daniel C. Watts

President, Every Generation Ministries

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