“Transforming Children in Christ through His Church”

Children Love to Celebrate

Daniel C. Watts

Daniel C. Watts

Children love Christmas and birthdays because they are typically times of joy, games, food and fun. Celebrations involve friends and family, and allow children to stop and remember something important.

My Children Celebrate “Doughnut Day”

When our children were little, we had one day of the year that was “doughnut day.” On this day, we had a party, made and ate delicious doughnuts, watched the “Doughnut Man” video, drank milk and celebrated Jesus! We reminded the children that we are like doughnuts with a hole in the center of our heart that only Jesus can fill. It was an annual event.

Webster’s dictionary defines celebrate as “To observe a notable occasion with festivities.” In the Old Testament, celebrations were an important feature of the life of Israel and were crucial in helping children remember notable occasions concerning God. See the table below denoting the notable occasion and associated celebration feast.





Ex 12:1-4

Remembering Israel’s deliverance from death in Egypt, the 10th plague.

Unleavened Bread

Ex 12:15-20; 39;

Ex 13:3-10; Lev 23:6-8

Deliverance from Egypt

Leaving in a hurry!

First Fruits

Ex 23:19; 34:26;

Lev 23:9-14;

Deut. 26:5,9-10

Remembering the deliverance from Egypt, becoming God’s people and the abundance of the new land.


Ex 23:16; 34:22a;

Lev 23:15-21;

Num 28:26-31;

Dt 16:9-12

Remember the giving of the Law at Sinai 50 days after crossing the Red Sea.



Lev 23:23-25;

Num 29:1-6

Gathering of the nation of Israel, commemorated with trumpet blasts and sacrifices. 

Day of Atonement 

Lev 16:1-34; 23:26-32; Num 29:7-11;

A day of rest, fasting and sacrifices cleansing priests and Israel from their sins and purify the Holy 


also Called Feast of Shelters or Booths

Ex 23:16b; 34:22b;

Lev 23:33-38; 39-43; Num 29:12-34;

Dt 16:13-15; 1

Memorializes the giving of the Tabernacle and giving thanks for the productivity of the land. 

One of the primary roles for parents and the church community at large is organizing celebrations. Celebrations help us remember important things like birthdays and anniversaries. My own birthday, Christmas Day, is an opportunity to celebrate my birthday and remember the birth of Christ. This was a bummer as a child, particularly in regards to gifts received. However, as I have gotten older, it is nice as my memory is deteriorating and at least I can still remember my birthday!

Notable Spiritual Events to Celebrate

Let me encourage you to celebrate notable spiritual events with your children. See below for some traditional Christian celebrations, some of which are familiar and others….not so much. There are a few blank rows to fill in as we help our children remember the notable things that God has done and remember some of His noteworthy qualities.



Eucharist/Agape Feast

Remembering Jesus death and resurrection. 


Celebrating Jesus’ resurrection 


Remembering and celebrating Jesus birth. Gifts given to remember Jesus as “The” gift .


Remembering all that God has provided for us. 


Anniversary of a child’s Baptism (????)



In His Steps,

Daniel Watts


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