Join in prayer for EGM-Ukraine and Refugees

  • This last Sunday, Irina, our EGM-Ukraine Director, started Sunday School classes for Refugee Ministry in the Church in Cluj, Romania. It was such a joy to have kids together – praying, singing, and talking about God’s word and their lives. Praise God for providing this experience for the children in this dark time!
  • EGM Ukraine Bible Resource materials were successfully transported from Kiev Office to Muchakevo, West Ukraine from Irina's husband. It was a high-risk transport mission, and we are grateful he arrived safely. Our next step is transporting the books into Romania through a returning humanitarian convoy. These Bible Resources are critical in our future steps to impact Ukraine Refugees Children in Poland, Hungary, and Romania.
  • Praise God for the Staff and volunteers Team who are ready to serve our Refugee Children in Romania, Hungary, and Poland. We are planning camps for these amazing kids, special training for Ukrainian Refugee Leaders and families, and preparing to distribute Bible Teaching Resources.
  • Please pray for our members of EGM-Ukraine, they are safely in Romania and in Poland ready to serve. We are in a unique position that we have Ukrainian Leaders to teach in churches working with Refugees. We are - if not the only ones - among the very few that can do this NOW. Pray that the Lord uses it for His glory and kingdom.
  • Praise God that He protected children in a Mariopol kids in shelter survived an attack, just got this fresh news a minute ago – praise God for His protection.
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