“Transforming Children in Christ through His Church”



Why Mexico?

With the largest Spanish speaking population in the world, a growing economy, the world’s largest city, close ties to the United States and significant growth in the Evangelical Church, Mexico is clearly a strategic key to Latin America.

While it seems to be a key to Latin America, certainly children are the key to impacting Mexico itself with the Gospel.


EGM Update

Over 1600 teachers from Ensenada to Oaxaca have participated in EGM’s development programs. A year’s worth of Bible teaching materials have been developed for three age groups of children. To ensure the ministry continues to grow and meet the needs of Mexico’s diverse children, a national board of directors is currently being formed.

Very proud Mexican young student showing her good grades received in her homework.

Support leaders across this country as they work to equip children's ministry leaders in local churches.

Join in prayer for EGM-Mexico

  • EGM-Mexico will be hosting teams from EGM-Argentina and EGM-Chile for a Latin America Summit in February. Pray for unity as they are equipped to support the churches in their countries.
  • Pray for the boys and girls to know Christ and experience life-changing ministry in their local churches.
  • Pray for the day-to-day leadership for the ministry work in Baja and Oaxaca.
  • Ask the LORD to give wide distribution of Bible teaching materials.
  • Seek the LORD and ask Him to bring more support for the ministry from the Mexican Christian community.

With your help we can continue to develop:


Bible resources for kids


Discipleship training to help boys and girls respond to God’s Word


Vacation Bible School opportunities


Leadership development workshops