“Transforming Children in Christ through His Church”

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Jesus Loves Me, This I Know

As EGM’s fiscal year comes to a close this June, we are celebrating the powerful truth that boys and girls around the world can know and experience “Jesus Loves Me.” Will you join us in thanking God for the work he has done through churches and children’s ministry leaders in 14 countries this past year?…

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31 Days of Prayer: Confidence in God


Through the month of January, EGM is sharing 31 ways to pray for children around the world. On day 29, we pray that God would help children have confidence in His plan for their lives. Let’s face it — life is pretty hard. We all have struggles. Some of them are problems of our own…

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The Wondrous Awe of Christmas


“Come!” they told me… “A newborn King to see!” “Our finest gifts we bring…” “To lay before the King!” “So, to honor Him when we come.” Children love Christmas. There’s something about the season that grabs their attention. They love the presents – both giving and receiving them; the trees; the lights; the decorations; the…

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Children’s Ministry is Not About Us

Childrens Ministry

I’m getting a little tired of hearing people talk of ministering to children as “a means to an end.” Today, I came across an article online with eight terrific tips for encouraging the children’s ministry workers in your church. The tips are perfect. It’s basically a set of different emails you can send to your…

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Transformational Ministry in a Digital Age

Digital Communication

Over 20 years ago, the “Internet Revolution” began. Since then, the world has been experiencing the greatest shift in communication in over 500 years. The last seismic paradigm shift of this kind was the invention of the movable type printing press by Johannes Gutenberg in the 15th Century. The printing press resulted in the explosive…

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More than Cookies and Coloring Pages

Discipling Children

My closest friend from middle school just revealed something to his friends and family that I’m sure was a shock to most of us. Throughout his life – and especially during his childhood – he has struggled with gender dysphoria. He’s struggled with wanting to be a girl. When he revealed this secret to me,…

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Maybe it Really Does Take a Village

Children's Discipleship

In 1996, then First Lady Hillary Rodham-Clinton released a book entitled, It Takes A Village. This title was criticized for several reasons. Many people disagreed with the overall premise of the book, that the community is responsible for raising children collectively, not just each child’s parents. I was a part of that camp. I believed…

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Talk is Cheap: Local Ministry Needs Local Funding

Words are nice. But often they don’t really say much. I recently celebrated my 20th wedding anniversary. I spent months planning a trip that included as much of what my wife loves as I could fit into the two days we had to celebrate together. And I spent money — a lot of money —…

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Worshipping God with Pennies

The boy was young. He lived in a nation with great persecution. He was poor by anyone’s standards, but his gift inspired churches to rally together to advance the gospel. In 2016, EGM-Egypt saw the need to reach out to refugees in Jordan and Lebanon. They made plans to travel to the camps and share…

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Chosen to Build the Dwelling Place of God

Bezalel and Oholiab walked out of Moses’ tent, and nearly collapsed out of fear and exhaustion. Words could never express what had just taken place. And what they had been instructed to do. Earlier that day, they’d been summoned by their new leader. This man was to be respected – even feared. He glowed from…

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