Transforming Children in Christ through His Church

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In July a team of three had planned to provide training for 40 children’s workers in the Western Ugandan city of Kisoro. However, the trip was postponed due to Joe Cox’s sudden attack of diverticulitis. Tentatively, we are planning to return to do introductory Model Children’s Worker seminars in Kisoro and also in Kampala (the capital city) in November of 2012. We have had the privilege of hosting two key Ugandan Christian leaders in our home. Both visits were very helpful in gaining a greater understanding of the needs of the country and in creating appropriate strategies for establishing a national EGM ministry there. Due to the conflict in Eastern Congo, we changed our July plans to visit Goma and Kinshasa. However, in early August, we received an exciting report from the team in Goma, DRC. In the three month period preceding the report, they had followed up with 3 churches to do evaluations of Sunday.



Peru remains one of the most economically challenged countries in Latin America. Lima has a large population of street children. Churches in the rural areas remain sorely under resourced.


Democratic Republic of the Congo

Certain regions of the world capture our hearts through their natural beauty and breathtaking landscape. Others are filled with history and glorious architecture of empires gone by. East Africa is a region that has captured hearts through the heartbreaking need among boys and girls for a new life in Jesus Christ.

boy mexico

Expanding our reach into Mexico

Mexico is the gateway to the Spanish speaking countries of Latin America. With a population of over 100 million and rapidly growing evangelical church.



Started in the teeth of difficulties, this ministry remains a beacon of hope for the children of Belarus. In light of the current conditions in Belarus, further information on our ministry is not publicly.



Prayer Partner Requests · Praise God for a fruitful Conference in Gusental, Austria. More teachers and churches attended with a strong impact in the teachers’ lives. · We praise God for a fruitful board meeting. The board was mobilized by the recent Titus Project training program. We finished up the meeting with an articulated fundraising strategy and specific projects to fund the ministry activity.



Today, a small staff supports a large volunteer team that is working with children’s workers across the country to help them become Model Children’s Workers who teach the Truth, use Experiential.



Poland stands as the flagship EGM ministry. Launched in 1991, the Polish ministry was the laboratory of EGM ministry development. Our children’s worker development/training programs were created in Poland and the first EGM teaching materials for children were Polish!



Ukraine is the widely recognized key to reaching the countries of the former Soviet Union, including mighty Russia. Ukrainian churches have experienced tremendous growth since the fall of communism.



What EGM is doing in Argentina is remarkable! We are not only telling struggling people that we love them and want to help them minister better to the children in their church, we are giving them a way to do that ministry so that every person who hears it knows it is right.

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There are over 25,000 evangelical churches in Chile. Chilean leaders estimate that nearly fifty percent have no active ministry with children. Our team is out to change that!


A Land of Need

The continent of Africa has two qualities that are of particular interest to EGM. Large numbers of churches and larger numbers of boys and girls. Over the last five years, EGM has received numerous inquiries and requests from church leaderas in Uganda, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Liberia and Kenya. After considerable thought and prayer, first steps are being taken to conduct field research. for God’s guidance for His solution in this complex field.


Beyond Egypt

Over the last few months we have witnessed unprecedented developments in the Middle East as unrest has upset the status quo.



Looking Ahead! The EGM Board of Directors have a clear sense that we should be making plans to enter into China. One the world largest countries with millions of children waiting to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. We look forward with sharing more with you in the months to come.