Transforming Children in Christ through His Church

Mission Statement

Transforming Children in Christ through His Church

Jesus makes it clear in His Great Commission of Matthew 28:16-20, that helping children experience His life-transforming gospel is the solution to their spiritual poverty. Further, in the same Great Commission, He makes it clear that transformation in Christ Jesus is the job of the Church. The mission and vision statement of Every Generation Ministries reflects this dual message.

Meeting the Need

EGM works to establish National Ministry Teams in countries where over 80% of the child population lives. Each National Ministry Team is governed, staffed and funded from the local Christian community. National Ministry Teams provide innovative leadership development programs and high quality Bible teaching resources for children’s workers in local churches.

“We are grateful to God for all mission members who serve God developing ministry to children, who help churches in teaching workers and for providing necessary manuals. We believe that through this ministry children will be His faithful disciples.”

Andrashko Michael, Kiev Region Bishop

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