Transforming Children in Christ through His Church


Every Generation Ministries is an evangelical Christian ministry that relies solely on the gracious gifts of God’s people to provide for our financial needs. EGM is supported by churches, individuals, foundations, Christian Schools and businesses. We know that every gift is from the LORD and none are too small or great. If you love God, His church and His Children then we invite you to join us in seeing boys and girls Transformed in Christ through His Church. Click on “Donate Now”!

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    Igor Fridrikh Joe Cox Francie Overstreet David Overstreet Daniel Watts
    Emmanuel Manishimwe Igor Zhukov Caleb Obregon

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    Help Bring Supplies to a Teacher

    Help us send all 11,300 children workers in the ten countries we serve this encouraging little “Teacher Tool Kit” as they labor to see boys and girls know Christ and live their lives with Him. Thanks for taking part!

    Increase Effectiveness

    Help Our Ministries:

    • Fully engage national churches and Christians at the heart level as they fully support the national ministry work,
    • Encourage our EGM national ministry to become more accountable to their own national Christian leadership,
    • Further increase ministry relevance causing even more boys and girls to experience the life changing gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Provide Life Changing Materials

    Help Each Country:

    The core (or skeleton) of the curriculum will be developed by central writing teams and then sent to our national teams in various countries who will then add the real life discussion and practical life application aspects of the lessons. Activity pages and regional artwork will complete the materials “fleshing” them out to be absolutely culturally relevant. The final approved materials will be printed and distributed by the national teams in their own countries.