Transforming Children in Christ through His Church


imagesCAIV4XVK_0What Is Important to EGM?

EGM exists to see Children Transformed in Christ through His Church!

Transformational Ministry: The Great Commission speaks about making disciples of all the nations, children included.

We are working to help churches fulfill that commission. First, we are serving with churches to help boys and girls around the world come to know Jesus Christ and become like him. Our goal is to see children respond to the message of salvation and experience the new life that comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ. We are working to help children’s workers grow in their relationship with Christ in their ministry with children.

Important EGM Distinctives

Picture1_0Children’s ministry should avoid the traditional schooling model of ministry which places emphasis on cognitive information, memorization of Scripture with no real understanding, saying what the teacher/parent would like to hear, passing out stars, certificates and diplomas, creating competition among children in spiritual matters, or going to a special place to “learn”.
Picture28_0Children’s ministry should mimic Christ and follow the Deuteronomy 6:4-10 principles teaching God’s Word, using experiential activities, leading discussions to connect the Word to real life, give children a practical life application activity and do everything in a warm, relational environment.


Picture13EGM believes that the Great Commission was given to the church. We exist to help the church make disciples of boys and girls all over the world. We believe that the church is a local gathering of Jesus followers and they can meet in a house, cathedral or anything in between. We do not think that the church is the collection of all Christians alive in the world. When parachurch believers talk about the church, that’s what they often mean. They also believe, in varying degrees, that the church has failed which is the motive for what they do. Every ministry states that they are committed to the church but their reasonings are across the board. Here are some of the ways that EGM really means it.
Each staff member (both in the United States and across the world) is involved in their church. This is simply a given with EGM.
The church governs our ministry through the Board of Directors. Every EGM ministry, including the U.S. has a governing Board of Directors comprised of church leaders who govern and oversee the work of the ministry.
EGM has not established a program with books, curricula, activities and teaching materials that are the same in every country asking churches to get with our program. Simply stated, we are not trying to get churches to help us accomplish our goals. We are working with churches to help them accomplish the Great Commission.

National Christian Leadership

Picture3Every Generation Ministries believes that God is at work through His church around the world. Some of the most gifted, highly educated, competent and skilled leaders are serving within their own cultures in churches worldwide. They already have God’s vision for seeing children come to know Christ and become part of His family in the church. In addition, they have mastered their language and are familiar with their cultural nuances, including the problems challenges and social issues faced by children in their communities. We believe that God would have us partner with those leaders to develop an EGM ministry that would work to see children transformed in Christ through His church. EGM’s partnerships are based on mutual respect and a common commitment to EGM’s mission, values, Statement of Faith, partnership communication and a common desire to develop effective children’s workers and quality children’s ministries. Our National Ministry Teams are composed of high-quality Christian leaders from within their own national Christian community. They serve under the governance of a board of directors made up of respected national Christian leaders. EGM establishes partnerships with these National Ministry Teams based on giving and receiving, alternately flowing both ways. We value and respect Christian leaders from cultures around the world and consider it an honor and blessing to serve with them transforming children in Christ through His church.

So many children around the world are living in difficult situations. Most of them have never experienced unconditional love. So many have a real lack of peace in their lives and experience extreme feelings of hopelessness. These children are looking for solutions to the problems they face – problems such as issues with self-image where girls are dealing with insecurities related to their appearance, boys who are struggling in school or sports and children living in difficult family situations. They are looking for answers to questions and barely able to cope. EGM has found that in every country, there are people who love children and want to help them. EGM provides training and teaching materials to children’s workers that help children know God and live life the way God intended.